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What We Provide

Radiator Temperature Wheel

Radiator install/repair 

From adding a new radiator to your current system, moving to a new location, removing to decorate or even a leak be sure to get in contact.
Have you ever thought about smart TRV heads? 

Toilets & Sinks Installation

Bathroom repairs 

Do you have a Toilet that takes an age to fill?Toilet not flushing or even constantly filling ? Leaks? Shower or basin issues ? Free feel to send me a massage and I’m sure we can get you back up and running again 

Heating boiler

Central heating 

My heating never gets hot,My radiators come on when the hot water is on,I have to top up my heating on a regular bases.
Are common questions we get asked.Let me help you 


Tap install / repair 

Thinking of getting some new taps fitted,Taps constantly drip 
Let us fix your problem 



Slow draining shower , sink and toilet Bad smelling waste traps
No job to messy 

Water Purification Treatment

Leak detection 

We have a thermal imaging camera which in some case can find leaks on cold water and heating systems
While this sometimes won’t pin point the leak it will narrow it down
Give us a try 

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